Hemodialysis is a kidney dialysis treatment that replaces the work of healthy kidneys, to clear neurotoxins and extra fluid from the blood. This is done using a special filter called a dialyzer or artificial kidney. Traditional Home Hemodialysis therapy treatment allows a nurse, technician or family member to perform sessions at home using this newest home hemodialysis machines which are designed to be user-friendly, making home dialysis easier than ever before.

Sometimes kidneys are no longer able to filter and clean blood and that causes unsafe levels of waste products to build up. This is known as kidney failure. So, you either need to take kidney dialysis treatment until kidney transplant is done. For kidney disease diagnosis at home, our dialysis technicians will perform certain tests and procedures, such as blood tests, urine tests, imaging tests and Removing a sample of kidney tissue for testing. Getting the right home hemodialysis therapy is very crucial in such a stage.

Home hemodialysis treatment is a safe and effective choice for kidney disease patients who need to get the care they need while keeping up the freedom they value. Patients on home hemodialysis therapies have the alternative of performing more frequent or longer kidney dialysis treatments, which may contribute to better clinical results and overall improved quality of life. Experts at HHD offer the most comprehensive hemodialysis treatment in Dubai, providing safe and holistic care.

Our dialysis experts are responsible for starting your kidney dialysis treatment at each session, watching to make sure everything is going well during your home hemodialysis therapy. They also make sure the dialysis machines are ready and working correctly for each patient. When you are on home hemodialysis therapy, the dialysis technicians will make sure you have all of the supplies you need to do your kidney dialysis treatments. Our Hemodialysis treatment for kidney disease diagnosis involves more frequent, but shorter sessions performed at home three or four days a week for about two to three hours each time.

If you decide to do kidney failure treatment with a care partner at home, you will need someone committed to train with you and be with you during each kidney dialysis treatment.

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What our Patients say
Amer Al Shaykh
This was the best thing I ever done! I am living my life normally and feel much better”

For more information on our home hemodialysis therapy and treatment, click here.